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The HealTech Wheel Speed Sensor kit is available now. With this sensor kit, the GIpro X-type can be installed on ANY VEHICLE which has wheels and electronic ignition.

- Part number: GPX-WSS (Price $132.99)
Order here:

This includes the GPX wiring harness and sensor. The LED display comes in your choice of red, blue, green, yellow, or white (yellow and white are special order only).

There is no extra cost for the WSS harness versus a regular plug-n-tap harness, as HealTech wanted to maintain the same price (dealer and retail) for customers with older bikes.


- Unlike with sensors from other brands, no need to install magnets on the wheel.

- Our sensor detects movement of the bolt heads of the brake disc, or bolt heads of the rear sprocket.

- Rear wheel mounting is recommended to ensure the gear indicator will function correctly even with the front wheel up.

- The sensor can be used also in custom applications, where a bike owner wants to replace an old (cable driven) instrument cluster to a new cluster, which requires electronic speed signal. Note that this would also require a SpeedoHealer to correct the signal.

- Due to the VAST differences between bike models, there is no mounting bracket included with the GPX-WSS kit. It's quite simple to fabricate a bracket that will work for almost any bike application. But it's important you know this additional requirement to mount a GPX-WSS kit.

View more information at
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