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OMG its BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

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the SVX in its street legal glory! makes me want to cry.... Check out the exhaust-

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itgirl25 said:
don't quite get the purpose of these bikes. are they for dirt or street? or both? it looks like a dirt bike. why would anyone need to go offroad on a street bike? someone please enlighten me so i am able to better understand the purpose of these things. it is pretty, though.
because sliding the tail out and carrying the front out the corner all crossed up is good for the soul. :cheers:
not a great video, but something
Gas Man said:
What was that some track that you rent them?
press junket(sp) mabye
says 449cc, and 549cc models. doesnt say why, but i guess for competition rules and to share with the RVX (knobbie tired version). They found a use for the SWEET motor they introduced a year ago.
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i agree. There is more potential in that small twin than any thumper. Cant wait till they put it in a light streetbike. Something like the RS bikes, only legal in the US. :drool:
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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