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OMG! I've got tears (of joy) in my eyes just thinkin' about it!

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I just found out about an annual rally out here in WA state that I'm going to have to check out for one reason and one reason alone!

"One of the crown-jewels of Sportbike Northwest is the Maryhill Loops road. The road is closed to the public, and for good reason – there’s a dozen hairpin turns in 3.5 miles. Great if you’re on a sportbike, lousy if you were trying to maneuver an RV. And since it dead ends after 3.5 miles, you’ll have to turn your bike around and go back down. What a shame! 24 hairpin turns in seven miles! Scratch that trip to Laguna Seca and book your vacation time to Sportbike Northwest! The road was built in 1914 by Sam Hill and was the first paved road in the state of Washington. It was deemed unfit for travel by the DOT in the 60’s and closed. In the late 1990’s the DOT reground the entire surfaced and paved it anew. Today it’s only open to walkers, bicyclists and few select motor vehicle events a year. " :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

Holy savior on a pogostick, this event sounds like a BLAST! Any other PNW riders around here gonna head over? 4 days, all the riding you can handle, a 200mi Poker Run through the Columbia Gorge and the above listed ride...for $79 all inclusive?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I gotta make sure my guardian angel has her running shoes on if I can finagle getting to this one!

Edit: I just found a video of some guys running the Maryhill Loop if anyone wants to see that road in action. I AM going, now that I've seen that. and click on the link for Mary Hill Loops in the Recent Additions at the top of the page!
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Sounds like a road I heard of that runs through the Grand Canyon in AZ. It's like 40miles though, hardly ever travelled by people.
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