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This is effin awesome...i'm in love and a steal at only 22Grand
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Mojo said:
I think it's great!! Personally, I'm very bored with the same ol' same ol' from Japan.

Of course, at 22k, I'd be looking at an MV Agusta.

:iagree: , what about Biamoto (sp)?
SKIPPY said:
So what are the restrictions when you start riding in the states?
You asking this in general? Cause if so it depends on the state that you are registered and riding through.
jeeps84 said:
Not really!
You have to have a motorcycle endorsement, tags, inspection and (for most states) insurance.
Other wise just obey the posted speed and general driving rules.

Ah, but most states REQUIRE some type of lid to be worn also.
Hey, I love Cookie Monster and Elmo... Those are fighting pictures if you're makin' fun of them.

You go make fun of me... I have Spongebob Square Pants PJs! What you think about them apples?
Don't like the whole no-plastics thing. I like plastics. Just don't really like bikes that don't have them. JMHO
Gas Man said:
Hey now...I'm just helpin the Ace cause... Do you like the RC51 pic in my avatar?

POD.... I really like that too!! :drool:

Yes, but does the girl come with the bike upon purchase? she an 'add-on'? or do you have to pay for her?
Still take the RVT and the girl over the BMW! :2cents:
Shiot, you can crop and edit any photo to put it on anything.
PhoenixGirlie said:
says the person who uses google pictures :lol:

Not really, but that's cool.
Ace said:
you have to "lick it, before you stick it" :dthumb:

Ace, you're a poet. That's awesome. See, I knew there was a 'softer' side to you. :cheers: :lol:
1 - 11 of 60 Posts
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