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This is effin awesome...i'm in love and a steal at only 22Grand
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I think that bike is slick...however people are telling me to start out with something smaller....grrrr...I tried to ride my friends Suzuki last weekend and almost dropped the bike. He says something about having to lower the bike so I can reach the ground. *slams head on desk*
SKIPPY said:
:angelhap: Yeah its a nice bike but a bit big to start out on, well unless you come round and take me out too. :luck:
I think the green isle would be a bit of a drive ;)
SKIPPY said:
PS your other avatar was way better :twfrox:
lol the other avatar was me :lol:
awwwww well thank you :hug:
SKIPPY said:
You are very very welcome. NOW GET IT BACK :cry: :cry: :cry: hehehe
lol better?
SKIPPY said:
:cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :here: :here: :here: :wink:
Oh way better :drool: :drool:
I aim to please :yesnod:
Gas Man said: aren't/weren't really considering a K1200S as a first bike were you?

If so please allow me to e-slap you back into reality. I rode one of these and it is nothing for a newbie to even think about touching.

Would you think of purchasing a Busa as your first bike? I don't think so! So you wouldn't buy a 1200s either! It is designed to be a Busa killer... hence good power and speed....

Get off the crack girl!
Ummmmmm.........I dont ever remember saying it was going to be my first bike. I may not know a TON about bikes but I'm not ignorant come on down off that holier than thou high horse trip youre on Gas and join the rest of us in the land of reality.

PS Have a nice night :dthumb:
Gas Man said:
PG... don't even get me started...

So here's some to entertain you!

*rolls eyes* :here:
Ace said:
and yet you still wonder why you get ignored when you IM me....hmmmmm
Grafixx01 said:
Yes, but does the girl come with the bike upon purchase? she an 'add-on'? or do you have to pay for her?
If she was you wouldnt be able to afford her. :lol:
Grafixx01 said:
Shiot, you can crop and edit any photo to put it on anything.
says the person who uses google pictures :lol:
Grafixx01 said:
Not really, but that's cool.
its ok graf you dont have to lie to kick it :lol: :dthumb:
Ace said:
you have to "lick it, before you stick it" :dthumb:
:lol: Although true..... wtf does that have to do with the point at hand?
3BoyzNaBike said: was just doing a few bills while reading post and he began to "type" out loud. :lol: :lol: :wink:
Do stamps still come like that...I thought they were all peal and stick now? :skep:
3BoyzNaBike said:
:lol: Only if you are lucky do you come across the ones that like to um I mean gotta be licked!!! :wink:
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :dthumb:
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