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Only gets crazier

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real conversation between soldiers (from military message board)(the validity of this is not really confirmed, but at any rate its disturbing)

....waiting for a load & the dude ask if I want to see some pics from Iraq that his little brother sent him...he is a Marine stationed there.....

....pretty gruesome....anyway, he tells me that the "insurgents", blow up civilian's cars....killing the Iraq children, then take the dead kids.....cut their backs open and stuff them full of C4....and lay them back out on the street....knowing the Americans will come & check the well being of the soon as the body is explodes & kills the soldier(s)......

....said these snipers take a childs body and prop it upon a hill side or bridge & when our boys go check it out the sniper kills them.....

...if true....that's some "cold hearted" stuff....of course most of those "people" are.....yes I'm prejudice against "cowards'.....if only "we" knew the "whole" story instead of what "they" want us to know....

.....and our soliders are cruel because that teased these animals while detained in the Bay...Cuba....WTF?

.....I saw the pics...
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I must admit, I never really expected much sympathy or morality from the enemy, but this is pretty immoral. If any religion or country or any other group condones this type of warfare, then that is just plain pathetic and they should all burn in hell, ALL OF THEM.

Unfortunately the US is the "big boy" and we are always in the spotlight. We are constantly walking on thin ice in the global eye, and even in our own country. whatever we do, no matter how right or how wrong it is, we'll get criticized. This just goes to show how dirty the enemy is playing and I have to hear this on a MC forum first(no offense :twfrox: ), because the media probably wouldnt show expose this because it makes the US look better, or something to that affect.

Whatever dude, they all need to just burn in hell for their evil acts. I cant believe they use dead bodies of children as bomb casings. PATHETIC and EVIL...Once again, they are using our rules and restrictions against. Using these dead children as bombs, and proping them up to look injured on the ground. PATHETIC :disapp:
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