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And the funny thing here is...I know this fire fighter!!!

A Tallahassee Fire Department tanker overturns and hits a pickup while on its way to a brush fire
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yeah prolly casue now he gets a brand new pickup. lol

man y cant a tanker roll over on my jeep without me in it. i need a new car. lol
Gas Man said:
At least everybody is ok and the pickup driver sounds like a reasonable guy!! Maybe there is some desency in the world and he won't sue....
i would never sue someone if its not there fualt that it happen or they have a good reason that it happen. now on the other hand if they where messing around or drinkin, i would do it just because a lesson needs to be learned.

lady pulled out in front of me on my bike and she admitted fault. and i prolly could have gotten a shat load of money but i did not becasue i knew she trully did not try it, she was like 79 years old. and extremely scared. but she even told me to go get myself checked at the hospitlal her insurance would cover it and i was like, NO WAY i hate those places. :dthumb:
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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