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OPP racing engine covers

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Does anyone have any pics of these OPP racing covers they come in a carbon fiber, titanium fiber, and a kevlar fiber type of shat. i was think about getting on for my clutch cover seeing as it has some very small nicks in it that you cant really see but it pisses me off and i can see it
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yeah but im talking a clutch cover for a zx636r no one makes them.
nope they say the do just like Protek but it is a freaking small cover that is in front of the clutch cover and not the actual clutch cover. i asked woodcraft y they dont make one and they said it would cost too much to make and ppl would not buy it. i just need something to match the woodcraft one i got or cover up the scratches. i ordered the opps titanium cover cover. it is 3 layers of titanium fiber, so hopefully next time i go down which i hope is never i will jsut be able to replace this $90 cover.
thanks but thats what i have for the stator cover side(right side) i wanted something liek that for the clutch side (right side)
nope not for a zx6r. they only have the left side. not a single person so far that i have called or searched for even knwo of anyone that made them
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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