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Our Rights?

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I hope this thread can stay civil... I'm not attacking... just questioning... if you can't state an argument with out name calling or personal attacks... PLEASE DON'T COMMENT

that being said...

after reading alot of the arguments against the helmet law... I keep hearing the same thing... people support wearing a helmet, think you should, they even do... yet fight like crazy because they feel that it's our freedom to choose...

I don't really undersand... do you think there should be seatbelt laws? how about laws like drinking and driving? Murder? stealing? I know these are on the drastic side... but with your argument shouldn't I have the right to choose to/not to do anyone of those? Now common sense tells me that stealing is wrong... same with murder... AND drinking and driving... yet so many still seem to do it... so we have laws... same as the seat belt...

to me... and it sounds like to most of you... wearing a helmet is common sense... so why not support a law that inforces just that... COMMON SENSE?

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why do you think it's not feasible to pull everyone over who's not wearing one? it's alot easier than seeing if they have a seatbelt on... yet I've seen people get pulled over for just that... (they do it on base all the time)

Yes, we write seat belt tickets on base very couple hours, it is a easy law to enforce.
ebbs15 said:
Yeah unfortunatly it doesn't help there is that element in our government...

as for the credit scores... I dont' think so in my case... my credit isn't the best... (not even close) yet I pay $384 a year for full coverage on my bike... and $780 a year for full coverage on my truck I'm 25 and it's based in Oregon...
:jacked: USAA?
When was the last time you saw a Harley rider wearing a full face helmet? I am not bashing them, its just in the summer I always see them with no helmet and a west coast choppers tank top on. As a whole I see more sportbike riders wearing protective gear than anyone else.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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