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Our Rights?

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I hope this thread can stay civil... I'm not attacking... just questioning... if you can't state an argument with out name calling or personal attacks... PLEASE DON'T COMMENT

that being said...

after reading alot of the arguments against the helmet law... I keep hearing the same thing... people support wearing a helmet, think you should, they even do... yet fight like crazy because they feel that it's our freedom to choose...

I don't really undersand... do you think there should be seatbelt laws? how about laws like drinking and driving? Murder? stealing? I know these are on the drastic side... but with your argument shouldn't I have the right to choose to/not to do anyone of those? Now common sense tells me that stealing is wrong... same with murder... AND drinking and driving... yet so many still seem to do it... so we have laws... same as the seat belt...

to me... and it sounds like to most of you... wearing a helmet is common sense... so why not support a law that inforces just that... COMMON SENSE?

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A similar question came up regarding graduated licensing. I believe they have a system in Australia where you have to start on a 200cc or smaller bike to begin with, then you're allowed to ride bigger bikes as you gain experience. Here was my reply, when someone said graduated licensing would be a good idea in the U.S.

"Graduated licensing is horrible. I should have the freedom to choose what I want to ride, always. It's not the government's job to decide what I can and can't handle, nor is it the government's job to babysit me at every turn.

Don't tell me I have to wear a helmet. I'll wear one anyway, because I value my life.

Don't tell me what kind of bike I can ride. I'll stay within my limitations, because I value my life.

Don't tell me I have to wear a seatbelt. I'll wear one anyway, because I value my life.

Just like I don't want the government telling me what kind of guns I can own, among other things.

The government shouldn't be our babysitter.

If anything, there should be helmet/seatbelt and other laws to protect children. Adults are on their own. If you're not smart enough to protect yourself, I don't need you breathing my air. But, your children aren't old enough to make those decisions for themselves, and if their mom/dad is next in line for the Darwin Award, the kids should not be forced to come along for the ride."
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ebbs15 said: you think they should be left to make the choice on their own?
Yes, it's called Natural Selection. If you aren't smart enough to take care of yourself, I don't need you around.
ebbs15 said:
it's common sence though... I'm not looking for someone to tell me how to live life... I love my freedom of choice... BUT... when it's something that I/you already CHOOSE to do I don't understand why you wouldn't support it. (if you look back up my question is for those who DO wear helmets but don't support a law to enforce them)
You wear a helmet because you choose to. Why not let someone else choose not to? Just because you do it anyway doesn't mean it's a good place for a law. That's like me saying I don't own a liter bike anyway, so let's make them illegal on the streets.
ebbs15 said:
but now define natural... some people feel that if it's your time it's your time... so say someone does a driveby... should we chaulk it up to it was their time?
That's not natural selection, that's homicide. There's a law against that, and while I think the law is a good idea, I don't think it prevents crimes. It only allows us to punish those who commit murder.

Dying because you wrecked your bike and smashed your unhelmeted head is your own dumb fault, and is natural selection.
ebbs15 said:
how about this instead... how about we don't require helmets... but require those who don't wear helmets to carry extra insurance... :2cents:
While that looks good on paper, it would be impossible to enforce. Who would actually tell their insurer that they won't wear a helmet? How would you enforce that requirement? Pull everyone over that isn't wearing a helmet? It's just not feasible.
I'm not getting worked up here. It's just friendly conversation. :dthumb:
ebbs15 said:
why do you think it's not feasible to pull everyone over who's not wearing one? it's alot easier than seeing if they have a seatbelt on... yet I've seen people get pulled over for just that... (they do it on base all the time)
Sure, it's easy to see. But, everyone is required to wear a seatbelt. If you lift the helmet law for those that pay extra insurance premiums, you can no longer tell if the rider is breaking a law simply because they have no helmet on.

Pulling people over because they *might* be doing something illegal is one step closer to a police state. It's unconstitutional.
ebbs15 said:
correct it is a homiced but my point was that some people feel that it's a form of natural slection...
It's not natural selection, here's why. By comitting homicide, you are infringing on the rights of another person (their right to life). Therefore, committing a crime.

Riding without a helmet and getting your melon smashed doesn't infringe on another person's rights.
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