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Our Rights?

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I hope this thread can stay civil... I'm not attacking... just questioning... if you can't state an argument with out name calling or personal attacks... PLEASE DON'T COMMENT

that being said...

after reading alot of the arguments against the helmet law... I keep hearing the same thing... people support wearing a helmet, think you should, they even do... yet fight like crazy because they feel that it's our freedom to choose...

I don't really undersand... do you think there should be seatbelt laws? how about laws like drinking and driving? Murder? stealing? I know these are on the drastic side... but with your argument shouldn't I have the right to choose to/not to do anyone of those? Now common sense tells me that stealing is wrong... same with murder... AND drinking and driving... yet so many still seem to do it... so we have laws... same as the seat belt...

to me... and it sounds like to most of you... wearing a helmet is common sense... so why not support a law that inforces just that... COMMON SENSE?

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First...better check your history...license and registrations, along with driver licenses came along years after the automobile was in use. It started as a way to prove ownership of vehicles. People didn't need a license to travel on Public roads on their horses and we have the constitutional right to move about. Driving is not some tremendous priviledge bestowed upon us by a munificent government. The People gave the authority to regulate motor vehicles to the state, and can take it back.

On the helmet issue, if you think it is a good law to mandate helmets for all riders, then don't ever get on your motorcycle without full body armor and leathers, else you will be a hypocrite.

Seatbelts and helmets are apples and oranges...Seatbelts are used to keep you from being injured while bouncing around inside a vehicle or from being ejected from the vehicle in the event of a crash. Air bags are now mandated in all new you want an airbag on your sportbike? Let's see how many lives are saved with the airbags on the Gold Wings and maybe we should push for them on all bikes.

Considering 75 % of all injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash are from the stomach and below, perhaps a push should be made to require body armor.

There are few motorcycle fatalities/injuries, percentage wise, where a helmet would have made a difference, but body armor would have prevented injuries. How many people do you know that have gotten road rash?..................... only on their head?

your logic is flawed and is more of the BS from the people who want a "Nanny State" where the Government has to tell you what socks to put on in the morning, and people no longer have to be responsible for their own actions.

You wear your helmet and your gear because they can save your life in the event of a crash. If you don't, you suffer. It is a personal choice, and the person making the choice must be accountable for their own actions...not beat over the head with some government stick.

Show me where I'm wrong...
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