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Yeah I have done it only once. It was my 2nd year of riding and they were on the other side of the bridge with a car pulled over and I was doing some speed I wasnt to be doing. I saw one jump in his car and try to turn around and chase me. Well I didnt get a ticket that night. :D

Last ticket I got was going up 83N and was doing 120 when I looked over to my right and saw the State trooper sitting there. It crossed my mine to say the hell with it and go but something came over me and I just pulled over right there. They were pretty cool and all with me since I didn't make them chase me. They wrote the ticket for only 90 since I cooperated and didn't try to out run them. Small fine and a few points. No biggie. All points gone now. :)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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