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[over] Giveaway #3: X-Factor Video giveaway (Week 7 of 10)

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Win a FREE X-Factor video "X-Factor's Greatest Bits" every week through Christmas courtesy of TwoWheelForum and 2Wheel Tuner magazine.

XGB: The most extreme roadbike action ever captured on film. (949) 206-0654.

How to win:

Somewhere, buried on (in a thread) is this image:

The first one to post to this thread the link or URL to the thread where the image is "buried" will win the video that week.

We have TEN DVDs to give away, so watch here for the winner each week. Every Monday I'll insert the image into a new thread (and remove the old one).

You can win more than once, but all you're doing is getting the same video. To be fair, you cannot win two consecutive weeks in a row, and you cannot win more than two DVDs total.

We'll keep track of the winners here:

Week 1 winner: emsrescu
Week 2 winner: GSXR750DJ
Week 3 winner: Tippy
Week 4 winner: Captain Morgan
Week 5 winner: Gas Man
Week 6 winner: GSXR750DJ
Week 7 winner: To be determined
Week 8 winner: To be determined
Week 9 winner: To be determined
Week 10 winner: To be determined

Ready, set, go!!


ALL sweet rides
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You know you want a 2nd DVD gas man.. get going with that mouse and search!!!
Nah, he'll be a tard and wait for the hint instead of being ambitious and tryin to find it now.. :lol:

ALL sweet rides
You're right, with that answer, ur NOT getting it. ;) just pickin on ya... ur supposed to find the thread in TWF that contains the image referenced in the first post in this thread. :yesnod: ready,set,go.....

I'll put up another clue tomorrow nite...
double2000r6 said:
I got it now.. Ok.. I am a little slow, sorry....
it's ok, we still think ur cool!!! :lol: :lol:
congrats..PM shanman14 your mailing address! :cheers:
Gas Man said:
Look it was on good weather jerk Bee's post!!! :D
1 - 7 of 21 Posts
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