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Over leaning or something....

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OK...I have been wanting to ask for a while and just kept forgetting to. When coming into a corner or nice long curve and sometimes an exit on or off ramp, I am looking through it like taught to to get through it and I can see myself riding to close to the inside curve and keep movinf closer to it unless I let off the throttle or not lean in to it as much.

What am I doing wrong or what do I need to do to correct this???? :)
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twisty said:
You guys need to read" Twist of the wrist 2". You are experencing a major riding flaw that this book can help you with. I have it on DVD as well :dthumb:
I've got the first and second book, but have yet to have time to get through either. What I have read was really enlightening, esp in relation to "spending your dollar". The technical backup of his philosophies are cool.

Sure wish I'd known about the DVD earlier though!
twisty said:
<snip>Also RoadRacing World(The only american mag I read) Has tons of hints and stuff in their mags every month. It is worth the 15 bucks a year.
Thanks for the recommendation on that. I had been a fan of UK mags since the major American ones didn't seem all that interesting to me, but at that price how can I go wrong? Those Brit mags are pricey :(
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