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Over leaning or something....

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OK...I have been wanting to ask for a while and just kept forgetting to. When coming into a corner or nice long curve and sometimes an exit on or off ramp, I am looking through it like taught to to get through it and I can see myself riding to close to the inside curve and keep movinf closer to it unless I let off the throttle or not lean in to it as much.

What am I doing wrong or what do I need to do to correct this???? :)
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ive had that problem too..when ur learning how to navigate curves, especially nice sweeping ones, you tend to let off the gas and just coast for fear of either lowsiding, or going off the side of the road or into the other lane. I've got myself doing it too... but I've found if I lean like im supposed to go, and give nice even throttle it works alot better.
yeah, reading that book would be a good idea, thanks!!! Gas Man..since ur in with CJD on playing santa for me this year... here is an idea for you!!!

although in reading my post, I should have said, nice even acceleartion, instead of that more correct ?
me too.. !!!! :here:

Wait a minute..10.00 bucks!!! geez ur expensive.. :lol:
dont worry DJ..i'll help u pick that back up.. :lol:
wow,thanks for the insight again everyone, im checkin into those books now...looks like i've my work cut out for me before we go to the gap next year. ;)
1 - 5 of 27 Posts
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