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What do you think of this V-Rod Custom

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  • Nice but a HD!

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  • Some awesome work but not my style

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P.M. V-Rod Sportbike

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Performence Machine is a high end motorcycle machining parts. They do alot of stuff in many different angles. From HD parts to sportbike wheels. They get a great deal of design cues from Rolland Sands. A retired AMA racer, I'm sure many of you know that already.

I wanted to see what you guys think of this Sportbike influenced V-Rod one off custom bike. Its a hybrid of cruiser and sportbike, designed by Rolland himself.

And the best for last:

And another one off!
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This one isn't bad. The design is much cleaner than the other.
Well the other one was designed and made in 7 days... which is stupid fast... it was for one of those biker build off shows.. this one... I don't know how long he spent on it.

You just like it cause its liquid cooled and it has a modified Kawasaki tail section! :D Which I believe is a 636 tail...
i likish??
how big is that rear tire?
sweet looking bike, Me liiiiiikey........!
Me kind of likey... I like the concept, dont really liket he tail, exhaust or handle bars, but I lvoe V rods
I think it is a 250 or 280... not sure..
i love the v-rods. that is one awesome bike!
i was thinkin over 300+
Looks good. Especially that last pic.
I hop it handles better than the original. I now it wouldnt. :nonod:
drewpy said:
i was thinkin over 300+
Could be but I doubt it... wouldn't be Rolland's style...
Boune for Marko!
Their server must be down. Can't access any of the pages. :cry:
I don't know... I know when I pulled up the thread the pics didn't work but when I posted they showed up.
Same, i cant see em :wbs: :disapp: but if Sands made it its prolly nice
Yeah they changed the webiste...

Here's the V-Rod Sportbike
Too fat of a rear tire, but otherwise, I dig it. Hey, a Porsche-designed engine is sweet!!!
I can appreciate the hard work that went into it, but it seems pointless. The geometry is too out of whack to handle good and the fat rear doesn't help either.
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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