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Pacers vs Pistons' Fans!!!

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Did anybody watch the Pistons game tonight?

Piston Fans vs Pacer's players!!

Didn't see it, don't worry it will be all over the news!!

Check it out and post up what you think...

I'm sure N4S or DJ can find a link of the was crazy!
Fights galore before the game was even over, then Pacers players being escorted by Police!! :eek:
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Yeah I saw that... that has got to be one of the worst fights for the NBA in a long time... In possibly forever. Im sure that all of those people that were in that fight will be arrested but will they be allowed in any more NBA games... I wonder :confused:
i'll see what i can find.. i saw parts of it on ESPN!!! sweet! !!!!!!!!!
And the lesson learned here....

Don't F with the people of D-town!!
I knew you'd find it!!! Good little :whore: !!!!!
The one fan, near the end of the vid, on the court got CLOCKED!!!!!
What's that line from "Friday"? You got knocked the f**k out!!!
That was insane last night. I was at Cowelly's in Farmington, where we go after our monthly meetings (WOS meetings) with some people. The entire bar stopped and was clued to the TV's. What a scene at the Palace. Not cool. Even This is going to make Detroit look really really bad but I'll say this...I enjoyed the hell out of it last night. :cheers:
All I gotta say about that.....


What do they expect when they pick up 18 year old gang bangers and throw them into a professional sport?

I think Artest and O'neal showed what kind of people they really are... I can't wait to see what kind of lawsuits get filed.
and here I thought nba players weren't tough!! :rolleyes: ok, well maybe they still arent, but damn!!
On the plus side, at least I miss hockey a little bit less now that fights are breaking out in other sports :)
Holy crap. We were downtown and I turned around to look at the tv and dayum, it was all startin and they were throwin down :bash: I was kinda excited b/c I've never seen anything like that in my short life,but then at the same time I'm All over a foul and everything got out of control when the fan threw the cup down. That was outta control. :crazy: What is the world coming to :confused:
Big fight in a college football game today too! Went on for several minutes!
pickle.of.doom said:
Big fight in a college football game today too! Went on for several minutes!

Just got done watching the highlights of it. Nice. :dthumb:
pickle.of.doom said:
Big fight in a college football game today too! Went on for several minutes!
Ummm...yeah, that'd be my school :flush:
"The NBA suspended Artest, O'Neal and Jackson indefinitely. Commissioner David Stern called the event ``shocking, repulsive and inexcusable -- a humiliation for everyone associated with the NBA.''

The league issued a statement saying it was reviewing rules and security procedures ``so that fans can continue to attend our games unthreatened by events such as the ones that occurred last night"

Thank God they got it right and won't give the black eye to Detroit.
the nba has enough black marks on their record, that hell, whats one more???
They don't care. Deep down they love this stuff. It's all about ratings. Wait until these 2 play again. RATINGS = MONEY. This is good TV! :dthumb:
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