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Pacers vs Pistons' Fans!!!

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Did anybody watch the Pistons game tonight?

Piston Fans vs Pacer's players!!

Didn't see it, don't worry it will be all over the news!!

Check it out and post up what you think...

I'm sure N4S or DJ can find a link of the was crazy!
Fights galore before the game was even over, then Pacers players being escorted by Police!! :eek:
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pickle.of.doom said:
All I gotta say about that.....


What do they expect when they pick up 18 year old gang bangers and throw them into a professional sport?
I stopped following anything NBA after Jordan left the Bulls (the second time :rolleyes:). To me, they are a collection of hoodlums. I heard one coach had made a comment about not seeing anything like that since hockey, but, sorry, I've never seen that with hockey. Player-to-player fights are one thing, but team to fan fights are a whole other level.

Suspending players for any number of games short of inifinity is a slap on the wrist. At $x million per year, do you think they really care? Uh, no. Nice try, but as noted already, the NBA commission loves this.
Pigface1 said:
I have. I've seen players pull fans into the penalty box, etc, to beat the s*** out of them.
:eek: That's total BS. No professional should be allowed to continue for behavior like that, regardless of their value. Thus eliminating the popular phrase "Sports Hero"; it becomes an oxymoron.
1 - 2 of 42 Posts
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