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Painted my garage floor

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Took three gallons for a two-car garage, but wow does it look nice. The only bad part about the whole thing is that I have to leave the bike outside for a week while it cures. :blush:

I used Rust-oleum epoxy paint, without the decorative flecks. It's smooth now, ought to clean up nicely! :D
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The 2 part epoxy products will hold up to virtually all household and auto spills. The most important thing with the epoxies, and they don't stress this enough, is preparing the base. My company has installed/laid these type of floors since 1997 in commercial and industrial applications. We have seen no problems or performed any recoats. If you want the application to hold, prepare the base following the instructions to the point of overkill, especially along edges, corners and areas that will be exposed to weather and sun. we had a media-blasting machine that would prep the concrete for us before we laid the sealer. If you have even the faintest spot of oil or moisture or grime, the product won't stay down. That is why they tell you to wait on new pours, they have to cure. The epoxies you buy at auto zone or pep boys are fair, but I can turn you on to some truly awesome products that will last.
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