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Part hunting for 2000 Yamaha R6

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I am looking to piece my bike back to as good as new condition - just all cosmetic shyt.. I am looking for the following parts:

1. Gear shift bracket with foot peg
2. Clutch lever
3. Plastics - especially the front where I cracked it
4. Windscreen - preferably blue or tinted
5. Crankcase cover (round) near the gear shifter
6. Right mirror - right if you are sitting on the bike
7. Left front stock turn signal

That should be it.. I reckon I have to look at it again to remember anything else.. If anyone has any extra parts they want to get rid of I will buy them.. I am going to check out Ebay, etc.
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yeah that is what I plan on doing but on the off chance someone here had some of it I might consider that also - plus I can't check ebay here at work..
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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