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PART II BAD hospital experence!!!

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Well so much for those!! (ethics & morals)MONEY MONEY MONEY thats all they want!!! By the way i did have insurance. Our union negotiated a different health insurance provider the begining of the year and they didn't switch me over right away on the computer system(even though i would have still been covered!!) so I had just received my new cards and forgot to slap one in my wallet!!! Well lesson learned!!
I did receive treatment but they botched my IV in my arm so i sat there for like 2 hours without pain medication (broken femur and fractured hip)but because it didn't enter my bloodstream and a nurse refuse to cooperate with they paramedics that were transfering me. She flat out told him she did not want to talk to him. He needed to know my vitals and what medicine i already recieved!! Nurse at the second hospital was able to tell that my IV wasnt right just from a quik glance!! Gave me a lil more morphine and I was out for the count!!! At the second hospital my family was told that it wasnt uncommon for the first hospital to send uninsured patients to their hospital!! I don't know if me being a hispanic had anything to do with it but I'll throw it out there anyway!! LOL Thanks for listening!!! :thumbs:
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Gas Man said:
Yep, there is the problem... damn Mexican's!!! :lol: J/K!!! :lol:

Glad to hear they eventually got you some happy medicine!!
:lol: Hope you're feeling better soon. Hang in there. :sadwave:
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