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Part throttle response???

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I'm really havin a tough time gettin rid of this part throttle problem...any thing I've done changes the other areas of the carb circuits/RPM's but the part throttle thing still remains. Say I'm goin around a corner and I want to hold a steady RPM,it dosn't want to run nicely.I just give it a touch more and it rockets forward,give it less and it backs way down:cursin: those w/ the same bike...(98-02 ZX6R or 05-06 ZZR) are yours runnin? got the same problem? I've tried every combination of main jets,slide spring,mixture screws
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JEKYLL said:
Just made my way through the Factory Pro site to the "tuning CV carbs" page;good stuff there! I have given some thought to the ignition... but like injection,this ignition is controlled by ecu and the only things to change would be the TPS position or an advanced timing wheel. I have a wheel but not installed yet,I just think that there is a fuel prob. of being TOO rich or TOO lean at a particular point, don't want to "bandaid" a problem,just can't figure out which circuit or device(floats,pilot jet) is out of adj.:cursin: :cry: :bonk:

sounds like a lean fuel/air mixture surge.
do some more reading here:

make sure you put that airfilter back in.

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