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Part throttle response???

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I'm really havin a tough time gettin rid of this part throttle problem...any thing I've done changes the other areas of the carb circuits/RPM's but the part throttle thing still remains. Say I'm goin around a corner and I want to hold a steady RPM,it dosn't want to run nicely.I just give it a touch more and it rockets forward,give it less and it backs way down:cursin: those w/ the same bike...(98-02 ZX6R or 05-06 ZZR) are yours runnin? got the same problem? I've tried every combination of main jets,slide spring,mixture screws
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I dunno.. I have the 02' ZX6R and I havent had any probs with mine?? I wish I could help. But I would say definatly to lean, but then again I may be wrong. Im still getting know know how these fine tuned bikes act with adjustments.
Ok I was looking through my manual and we do have a throttle position sensor for the ignigiton and it very well have something to do with that. I would look that way maby.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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