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anyone here go and want to meet up?
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TL1000 said:
grate response!!!! where is everyone in phx doods!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name the Saturday(mind you the bike is ALMOST done with repairs, I give it another 2 weeks or so). I will be there with my bike and my dad will be there with his Vette. You supply the ladies and we are set :D
jeeps84 said:
So its a cruise in.

Basically the Pavilions is a strip mall that has a host of stores and restaraunts including Best Buy, Toys R us (worked there both for 2 years each) Guitar Center (that place rocks!), Circuit City, Game stop, petco, I think you get the point. Anyway, there is an old 50's "American Grafitti" (good movie btw) style McDonals that hosts a free auto show every saturday night at about sundown, rain permitting. The show is basically for muscle cars/hot rods, but in reality all kinds of vehicles are welcome, even bikes. The show, in my opinion, really favors the Vette's, as they have their own huge section (pictured below), but there is nothing wrong with that. I am sorry I couldnt really find any street bike pics, but trust me there are a bunch there. Sometimes its overfilled. I havent gone in a few years, but I hear that its got a great following now. The best part about it: FREE ADMISSION AND FREE CAR ADMISSION (just need to get there early enough for a spot:yesnod:)
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jeeps84 said:
We don't have anything that big around here. Just the cruise ins. Same thing just not as big.

Considering going to the show tonight (not sure If I will bring bike) anyone else going?
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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