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Ok gang,

Pazzo Levers are very similar to CRG levers in that they have a 6 position adjuster. They do however offer something CRG does not.... A large variety of Colors. Red, Blue, Black, Silver, Gold, Purple and Green.

Here's the deal. $145 per set shipped to your door anywhere in the U.S. :dthumb:

The retail Price of these levers is $175

Add $10 for an combination of lever color that includes Red or Blue. Purple or green adjusters are also $10 more. Levers are not currently vailable in Purple or Green but can be as a special order and their will be a delay in delivery.

Your choice of Long or short levers. You can mix and match as well. Some guys like the long clutch and short brake.

The Pazzo long levers are typically 1/4 inch shorter than stock. The shorties are 1 1/4 inch shorter.

There are several pics of possible color combinations. I even included a pic of a stock lever along side a long and a short Pazzo.

If anyone is looking for the Brembo 19x18 or 19x20 master cyl levers we have shortys in black for those as well for $55 shipped to your door.

I place orders with Pazzo once a week. I also ship once a week.

Here is a link to the Pazzo website where you can find a fitment chart.
If you don't find your bike on this list contact me we may have levers for your bike. For the SV650 guys.... sorry not yet but hopefully soon.:sorry:

Bikes we have levers for that are not listed on the Pazzo site include:
5th generation VFR's 1998 - 2001
All VFRs from 1991-2005
Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird

If you are intereseted in participating in this deal copy and paste the following info into an email to me at [email protected] and I will send you an invoice.

I will run this offer through February. Depending on the response I may extend it into March. Take advantage now before Pazzo institutes a minnimum advertised price.

Method of Payment ( M.O. CC, Payapl )
(if Paypal include the paypal email address)
Length of levers
Color of Levers:
Color of adjusters:

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