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PC3 Users, read this

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I likeyou use a PC3 on my bike,
ok, so my bike has been sounding like it misses off and on, its not consistant, and i thought, since i run the bike rich, maybe plugs are bad, i just pulled a plug and it looks good, slightly darker brown, but no corrosion or build up... looked to be in perfect working condition. It misses and sounds like a Ducati/...Cool, except for no power.. topping at 88mph on a Z1000 in a corner is rediculous. So my assumption is not fuel issue still but im down to htinking the PC3 is the cause.. im bout to go unhook it and take it out for a ride, see how it goes and ill be back to report later... though im clenaing my air filter while its out too, though its not too dirty... just gives me longer till next time before it needs to be taken apart. So i will report back in an hour or two, if the PC3 is bad ill never buy from Dynojet again. ill spend the money and buy a full engine managemnt from muzzys or see if Yoshimura happens to make their fuel tuner for the unhighly owned Kawasaki.
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Ok after the test ride, all backfiring is gone and the missing is gone.. instnalty rode it in all sorta of load conditions trying to get it to miss and it doesnt.
My first thoughts were that the PC3 was just making it run so rich it fouled plugs, So how they didnt foul i dont know, because what i think happened is the PC3 without changing the tuning has gotten richer over time, maybe not though, so its either been unable to maintain a constant ratio or even close to one, or it has simply failed electronically and is actually not providing fuel to some of the cylinders, but only when it feels like it, not certain throttle % or speed or gear related. It had it at one point missing for like 2 minutes, then after sittign at a light a seocnd it started firing agian, and massive amounts of smoke poured out... i shut it off, restarted and it was fine again... which shuts off the PC3 also and restarts it. Since it appears perfect, with no observable lack of power in any range over using the PC3... its staying off and im going to contact dynojet. But as of now, i can nolonger endorse there electronic products in any way, ive only had the commander for 13 monthes and its in a sealed compartment. My use of their products is over with.
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it hadnt been cusotm dynod yet, but it was a map from Ivan's performance products, which dynod it on their Z with the EXACT mods i had, which isnt the best i know, but just didnt have the time and money to dyno it and advance the timing at the same time like i wanted to do to kill two birds. It ran great for a year though, but i will definalty check the ground wire.. i did check everything else and all was tight. I will look at the ground and if it apears out of shape ill lift the tank back up and reattach the PC3. Its still sitting on the bike ready to go, ends just unplugged from the main ECU. I emailed DynoJet Research and waitign to hear what they say back, back ill go take a look at hte ground to battery and see what it looks like.

EDIT: And no, no deal with Dynojet... just picked the word at the top of my head, shoulda said no longer RECOMMEND them.
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and 2WT--------- Thank you for the idea, glad to be able to eliminate that last option in case thats not it and PC gets back to me with some orta offer to replace it, to make sure i tried it all. Gotta give u a plus pint on that new rating system for that post.
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