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PC3 Users, read this

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I likeyou use a PC3 on my bike,
ok, so my bike has been sounding like it misses off and on, its not consistant, and i thought, since i run the bike rich, maybe plugs are bad, i just pulled a plug and it looks good, slightly darker brown, but no corrosion or build up... looked to be in perfect working condition. It misses and sounds like a Ducati/...Cool, except for no power.. topping at 88mph on a Z1000 in a corner is rediculous. So my assumption is not fuel issue still but im down to htinking the PC3 is the cause.. im bout to go unhook it and take it out for a ride, see how it goes and ill be back to report later... though im clenaing my air filter while its out too, though its not too dirty... just gives me longer till next time before it needs to be taken apart. So i will report back in an hour or two, if the PC3 is bad ill never buy from Dynojet again. ill spend the money and buy a full engine managemnt from muzzys or see if Yoshimura happens to make their fuel tuner for the unhighly owned Kawasaki.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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