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Pic of me on my SV650S

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Well here is a better pic of me on my bike with my gear on, the first one I put up was really fuzzy. Yeah I am squidding it out in my tennis shoes, I was made to get on the bike for a pic, it isn't even running.

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Looks good!!!

You should do the blinker mod...and put them in place of the white lights in the front!
But moving the blinkers into those white lights...wouldn't cost anything hardly. The most cost would be buying some new yellow/orange bulbs.

It's one of those low cost/budget mods. That you do on a Sat afternoon.
Yeah very cheap!

Then get those blinker hole fill ins...that I know I have a link for and can't find it!!!
jeeps84 said:
:bslap: Your slacking G Man :lol:
If that is so... do you have the link?
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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