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Pic of me on my SV650S

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Well here is a better pic of me on my bike with my gear on, the first one I put up was really fuzzy. Yeah I am squidding it out in my tennis shoes, I was made to get on the bike for a pic, it isn't even running.

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Gas Man said:
But moving the blinkers into those white lights...wouldn't cost anything hardly. The most cost would be buying some new yellow/orange bulbs.

It's one of those low cost/budget mods. That you do on a Sat afternoon.
:iagree: Didn't we just talk about this on a Duc thread?

Just get the orange bulbs and wire the blinker wires into the pilot light wires. Its a simple clip and crimp job.
Gas Man said:
Yeah very cheap!

Then get those blinker hole fill ins...that I know I have a link for and can't find it!!!
:bslap: Your slacking G Man :lol:
Gas Man said:
If that is so... do you have the link?
Nope and haven't looked. :lol:
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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