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Picked up some Purolator filters

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I couldn't get them here, so warpedrotor send a couple to me. :cheers: I've always used Suzuki OEM filters but these are supposed to be better. I'll also be changing the oil with a new synthetic I've not yet used, Amsoil. I've been using Motul up until this point, but I couldn't find that either.
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When good threads go bad... :sob:
ShanMan14 said:
When good threads go bad... :sob:

In this know it happens alot. We love this site. Thanks Shan. :D
35,000 miles

I'll be pretty pissed if my bike doesnt make 35,000 without a mechanical problem. My first bike.. EX500 sits currently at aobut 50K and its running nice.. prob not a high powered (if you can call 60HP high power) as the day it rolled out the factory and got the Jardine race exhaust, but still runs day in and day out on the rare days she still sees action.
If my toyota can run over 200K problem free then the twice as high revving sport bike should make 100, though that may not happen id hope for 50...only 1/2 the rotations of a Toyota motor should be do-able.. unless u own a Ford or Dodge 4 cyl. engine vehicle :bash:
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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