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Pink "Stupid Girls"

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i had to share this. it's pink's new video. she makes fun of sooo many people in it (paris hilton, mary-kate, jessica simpson, lindsay lohan). i love pink! she's not afraid to be herself. anyways, i thought the video was entertaining. :dthumb:
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itgirl25 said:
it's carey hart. he's a MX racer/freestyler. he also owns 1/2 of the hart and huntingdon tattoo studios in vegas is it? i know they have a reality show on about the place. he was also on the last season of vh1's surreal life. i love that show! here's a pic...

Nah, that Huntinton guy realised what a chump Hart is, so its like the Hart Tattoo Shack now :) They split up. That show sucks, I still have yet to see an actual tattoo on it. Screw that show, watch Miami Ink :D

Edit: oops, :jacked:
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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