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Pink "Stupid Girls"

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i had to share this. it's pink's new video. she makes fun of sooo many people in it (paris hilton, mary-kate, jessica simpson, lindsay lohan). i love pink! she's not afraid to be herself. anyways, i thought the video was entertaining. :dthumb:
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ebbs15 said:
I saw that yesterday... just flipp'n through the channels... got stuck on MTV2... it's pretty funny... I wonder if half of who she targeted are smart enough to recognize themselves :lol: :scratch: :lol:
They don't have to... they pay people to do that for them... good vid/song.
Pink... ok..kinda hott... but I like some of things like this that she performs.

Hart... ok... don't care about his old dirt bike days... give him credit for investing cash into something, even a tattoo shop, vs blowing it on stupid ****!
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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