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Pink "Stupid Girls"

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i had to share this. it's pink's new video. she makes fun of sooo many people in it (paris hilton, mary-kate, jessica simpson, lindsay lohan). i love pink! she's not afraid to be herself. anyways, i thought the video was entertaining. :dthumb:
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the lindsay lohan resemblance is uncanny! i saw the making of the video last night on mtv. i'm sure she isn't making too many friends with it, but hey, it's pink we're talking about here.
twisty said:
Not a big fan of pink or her moron BF. But the video is funny.
he's not her BF anymore, he's her husband now.
it's carey hart. he's a MX racer/freestyler. he also owns 1/2 of the hart and huntingdon tattoo studios in vegas is it? i know they have a reality show on about the place. he was also on the last season of vh1's surreal life. i love that show! here's a pic...
i know she had a fling with tommy lee, but nothing serious. she and carey had broken up for a while, then they got back together and she proposed. now it's happily ever after...or for a while. i can't wait to see if this lasts.
twisty said:
Obsess much? :lol:
well, maybe a little. :whistle: i have been known paint my hair pink before her concert a time or 2. i can't help it, i like her attitude. :dthumb:
VolEngineer said:
Wow, you people get way too involved with celebrities. Go outside for awhile and stop watching TV.

dude, it's waaay to cold to go outside here right now. i'll just stay tucked in right in front of the telly until the spring thaw. :lol:
1 - 7 of 26 Posts
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