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Pipe Packing Question

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My repack kit came in and I plan on stuffing it tonight. Anything i should know before I tackle this? Luckily my pipe doesn't have rivets so I don't need any of that. I think mine is ready to go out of the bag but i know some just come with the materials and you have to wrap it your self. Just wondering. TIA
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jeeps84 said:
Lots quieter!
Its tuff to get it stuffed back into the can. Use some wire to keep it tight!
Masking tape. You wrap the packing around the baffle then use masking tape around the outside. Stuff everything back in the sleeve and put the end cap back on.

- Roach
This just in. Duct tape works for fiberglass splinters.
Cold water as well - it causes your pores/skin to close/tighten up and will push the fiberglass out. Works after doing work in your attic as well.

- Roach
Gas Man said:
I called the only dealer type place (rec) that I order that stuff from and they said they have aftermarket stuff not but the Micron stuff. If I wanted the Micron stuff they would have to order from Micron. But heck I can do that...
Dude ... it's fiberglass mat ... it's not something you need to be brand concious on :)

We buy it in sheets, wrap it, tape it, and stuff it in.

- Roach
larryg said:
I told you to wear gloves :bash:
Bah! You're not a real man until you're holding your arms in ice cold water trying to get the results of using a 25k RPM carbon cutting wheel on bodywork out of your forearms :D

- Roach
larryg said:
Sheeit...I've done that on a half million dollar Ferrari :yikes:
You should see the funny looks I get when I explain we don't own a "Chain breaking tool". :D

Pnumatic tools are your friend ... once I got spoiled, I had to go buy a big compressor for my garage at home. And a fire extinguisher.

- Roach
1 - 5 of 35 Posts
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