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Pipe Packing Question

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My repack kit came in and I plan on stuffing it tonight. Anything i should know before I tackle this? Luckily my pipe doesn't have rivets so I don't need any of that. I think mine is ready to go out of the bag but i know some just come with the materials and you have to wrap it your self. Just wondering. TIA
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Your pipe will be quiter when you're done!
I wonder if I should do mine... mine has like 14K on it.... :whistle:
OK Micron wants $35 for the packing... where else are you suppose to order this stuff from?
I called the only dealer type place (rec) that I order that stuff from and they said they have aftermarket stuff not but the Micron stuff. If I wanted the Micron stuff they would have to order from Micron. But heck I can do that... said:
Dude ... it's fiberglass mat ... it's not something you need to be brand concious on :)

We buy it in sheets, wrap it, tape it, and stuff it in.

- Roach
Then maybe I'll just do that...
Larry what about the packing... do you suggest just whatever brand stuff or not?
I figure that much but thanks for the tip anyway. Maybe next time I'm at my dealer of choice I'll pick some up...
DL what brand or type of packing did you use?
Ok...well the other week..

I pulled mine all apart and all of my packing looked good still. All there and not that nasty looking... it wasn't all black or nuttin like that...

I was suprised that with 15K on the pipe it was still in GREAT condition...

BIG PROPS TO MICRON for making a awesome can!
Yeah maybe... but I don't think I can without being just down right mean to it. I spoke to a tech at Micron and he said that's not un-common unless you're racing the bike... that their packing is WAY better than the standard stuff..
1 - 10 of 35 Posts
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