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Pipe Packing Question

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My repack kit came in and I plan on stuffing it tonight. Anything i should know before I tackle this? Luckily my pipe doesn't have rivets so I don't need any of that. I think mine is ready to go out of the bag but i know some just come with the materials and you have to wrap it your self. Just wondering. TIA
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Lots quieter!
Its tuff to get it stuffed back into the can. Use some wire to keep it tight!
The pipe is just as loud
The packing must not have need to be replaced!
Glad it went well!
Its going to get dirty. I bet if you take it out after only a few miles the new will look the same.
All I know is that it made a difference. And it was only 25 bucks.
Your not running it hard enough then.
1 - 5 of 35 Posts
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