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Pipe Packing Question

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My repack kit came in and I plan on stuffing it tonight. Anything i should know before I tackle this? Luckily my pipe doesn't have rivets so I don't need any of that. I think mine is ready to go out of the bag but i know some just come with the materials and you have to wrap it your self. Just wondering. TIA
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Not even sure if there is fiberglass in mine. The picture shows it in a bag so I'm hoping it's wrapped and ready but we'll see tonight I guess.
I did it yesterday and it was REAL easy. GYT-R has everything all wrapped and ready to go around the core. No tape, no nothing. The cover slipped back on with ease as well. However, I do have a lot of fiberglass splinters. The pipe is just as loud and it seems like the bike is more responsive now. Just throttle anyway. Haven't rode it yet. it was 114 outside yesterday.
This just in. Duct tape works for fiberglass splinters.
I had about 10K on that packing. It was pretty dirty. Maybe it was cuz
I was in my garage and it was echoing.
All I know is that it made a difference. And it was only 25 bucks.
Try a dealer or a bike shop. My dealer carried mine.
larryg said:
I told you to wear gloves :bash:
I didn't see that by the time I logged off but i wore them anyway. The splinters were in my forearm. All good now, thanks.
1 - 9 of 35 Posts
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