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Pippi, didn't you tell Twisty he had to stop doing this??

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Geez Twisty, we know you love your bike, but this is a little overboard. ;)
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double2000r6 said:
Is that commonly referred to as "Garth Brooks Syndrome".

There is no way that picture is Twisty - that bike is in way too good of condition. If it was Twisty it would be smashed up and pieces laying on the floor, etc..
UUUMMM my bikes are in very good condition. :dupe:
The fairing are in the garage, There in better shape that your 9r bodywork....Mister I locked my brakes up because a dear ran becide me....
Yours was fawn...not even a dear....
There is huge difference between a deer and fawn. There was no need to lock your brakes up.... IT was a mistake, get over it....
Need4Speed750 said:
close, but this time, it was the perverbial chris against the world. :rofl:

Yeah did you like how I spun that one around.... :withstupi
Hey dont forget who put his R6 into a huge mud puddle there sparkey, and did you forget about smashing your bike up leaving the grass @ your house?
It is all about the fun...
1 - 8 of 30 Posts
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