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Pippi, didn't you tell Twisty he had to stop doing this??

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Geez Twisty, we know you love your bike, but this is a little overboard. ;)
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Don't mean to Jack this thread, but what is N4S going to do with his bike in the apt??? That might just be N4S soon...
Besides the 750 missin fairings!!! :D
I know, but I must point out something!!!

BESIDE me NOTHING!!! I almost T-boned that MOFO!!

Does somebody have to re-post what happens if you T-bone a deer on a bike. There was 2 vids going around. One on the side of the bike with a lipstick cam and the other from a tank camera from another bike!!!!
So was the t-bone where the guy that flipped over and over and over...

DAMMIT would somebody post that for Mr Twisty!!!
Alright, I'm not even going to debate this...
And the HOTT chicks!!! :drool: :D
Glad to likely!!
1 - 7 of 30 Posts
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