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Pippi, didn't you tell Twisty he had to stop doing this??

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Geez Twisty, we know you love your bike, but this is a little overboard. ;)
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chev said:
Oh no, N4S talking about himself in the 3rd person!!!
Is that commonly referred to as "Garth Brooks Syndrome".

There is no way that picture is Twisty - that bike is in way too good of condition. If it was Twisty it would be smashed up and pieces laying on the floor, etc..
Keep talking "Crash" aka Twisty. We still know "the real deal" and there is no way that a bike in new condition would be in that bed with you....
Hey Queen just re-recorded a new version of Flash Gordon for Twisty..

Crash... ahaaaaaa... Crash....
twisty said:
Hey dont forget who put his R6 into a huge mud puddle there sparkey, and did you forget about smashing your bike up leaving the grass @ your house?
Oh I won't forget but its still fun to poke fun at my boy crash who has at least 10x as many as I do.. If it helps and in the immortal words of some bad mfr I know that rides a GSXR 750 & 1k - I had fun doing it.. lol..
Speaking of which - AWESOME avatar Windy!
1 - 5 of 30 Posts
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