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Pippi heres my b-day gift.

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maybe you should buy some decent tools before you get a lift, you no allen wrench havin' biotch... :hug:
twisty said:
I dont service DUCS they tend to breakdown to much. With my GIXXER with with allen wrench I can fix the whole bike.

Thanks Jetski I will call them. :cheers:
Allen wrench my azz, all you need to fix your wrecked sh!t is some zip ties and duct tape...maybe a hammer for those gas tank dents...
and BTW, that lift is pimp, hurry up and get it before my track bike gets here...
twisty said:
dont forget who needs a ride to the trackday Rev :nono:
Please don't make me ride in the back of the truck again daddy! Please! Please! It was cold back there and your Gixxer kept dropping parts on me...


I guess I have to be nice till I get a trailer, or at least a new of March 28th, I no longer have a garage for my stuff, might have to unload a bike or 3 at your house...
1 - 4 of 37 Posts
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