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Pitchfork-wielding woman struck by motorcyclist

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Barry County, Michigan

A bizarre accident has left a Barry County woman in critical condition.

Michigan State Police say she ran into the street with a pitchfork to confront a group of motorcycle drivers and was struck by one of the bikes.

It happened Sunday night, outside of 43-year-old Corlissa Larsen's home on Gun Lake Road, near Glass Creek Drive in Hastings.

Ben Larsen says his wife caught the bike full force, and she landed about 30 feet away. He says he ran over to help her, but the mother of his seven children wasn't moving. He says the couple's six-year-old daughter witnessed the entire scene.

Trooper Brian Roderick says it appears Larsen is to blame for running out into the road. He also says she could face charges of felonious assault because she had a pitchfork in her hand.

But there are conflicting reports on whether she actually swung at one of the bikers before 24-year-old Trammell Toombs of Muskegon Heights hit her.

"They say she was swinging at them, but she dropped it at the edge of the road," says Ben Larsen.

But police tell a different story.

"The ultimate cause of the accident is the lady stepping into the road with the pitchfork in hand," says Trooper Roderick.

Ben Larsen says it all happened so fast. He says they were angry about all the cars and bikes speeding on Gun Lake Road in front of their house. So they ran to the street to yell at the drivers. Though police say it doesn't appear the bikers were actually speeding.

"They just go through here so fast," says Larsen.

The biker who hit Corlissa Larsen is suffering from internal injuries, but is expected to be okay.
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Gas Man said:

And for once I like seeing the cops on the MC riders' side!!! :dthumb:

:iagree: +1. But of course it will get twisted around to be the bikers fault. :cursin:
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