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Pizzeria Owner Gets Jail Time For Refusing To Serve Germans, French

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- A Danish pizzeria owner has been jailed for refusing to serve French and German tourists in protest of their countries' opposition to the U.S.-led war in Iraq.

A Danish court found the owner, Aage Bjerre, guilty of discrimination and fined him $900. He refused to pay, and will serve an eight-day sentence.

He told The Associated Press that eight days "is a small price to pay" compared to those who serve in Iraq.

Germans and French were barred from the pizzeria starting in February 2003.

The pizzamaker said he has received hundreds of fan letters from the United States, but had to sell the pizzeria after repeated vandalism and a large drop in sales.
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jetskifast said:
Business wise much better choice, mojority of those who support war are your uneducated, lower work force people ;)
Because those are usually the people FIGHTING the [email protected] war too! You don't see any, hardly any, rich little debutaunts or the male equivalents fighting in the Armed Forces now do you? And if you do, like the mayor of Chicago's son (I think) who joined the Army made NATIONAL HEADLINES! And that guy from the Cardinals who died as an Army Ranger, the football player...forgot his name. So what that he turned down millions to serve his country, didn't have to make like national/world headlines because of it.

See, this really irks me so I'm gonna stop. Kinda feel like it's the new Austin, Texas MTV Real World series. Everyone is opposed to war, yet the people who serve are protecting YOUR freedoms which you enjoy every day and you are bashing them for it. Trade shoes people, trade shoes...YOU go fight in Iraq and get bullets, mortars, rockets and IEDs thrown your way and I'll sit here and say it's bad. Go watch your friends die (one of mine got blasted in the head while sitting in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle, by an RPG in his head. Took EOD 16hours to get it out and destroy it before we could remove him from the vehicle).

R.I.P. Pfc. Gregory P. Huxley Jr.
:cry: :cry:
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