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Pizzeria Owner Gets Jail Time For Refusing To Serve Germans, French

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- A Danish pizzeria owner has been jailed for refusing to serve French and German tourists in protest of their countries' opposition to the U.S.-led war in Iraq.

A Danish court found the owner, Aage Bjerre, guilty of discrimination and fined him $900. He refused to pay, and will serve an eight-day sentence.

He told The Associated Press that eight days "is a small price to pay" compared to those who serve in Iraq.

Germans and French were barred from the pizzeria starting in February 2003.

The pizzamaker said he has received hundreds of fan letters from the United States, but had to sell the pizzeria after repeated vandalism and a large drop in sales.
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There is an example of stupid things to do, mixing personnal political opinions an business, that will teach him a lesson. By the way somebody had and still have to do the dirty jobs in this world and the USA are doing one in Irak, sound that Canada will start doing one in Afghanistan in January 2006.
As for people supporting war in Canada it is mostly Albertans and beleive me they are the richest canadian citizens in Canada and they got the wisest governement in Canada ( beleive it or not they are dept free and even have a provincial fond and the lowest tax rate in Canada ) and they supported a participation with the USA in the present Iraqi war.... As for the educated/uneducated people it doesn't equal with intelligence and/or wisdom. It is easy to see how wise, intelligent an educated somebody is when he put is pride in showing the world is material acquisitions...
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