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police laser

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A couple of friends told me a disturbing story about police using laser.
while they were riding, both experienced a blinding sting. afterwards, they both remembered passing a parked police cruising in a parking lot during the incident. They both concluded that the cop was aiming his laser at their helmets to check their speed.

Can anyone verify if this is the case? I remember reading that police laser requires a flat white surface to work. on cars, they target license plates. But what part of the bike do they target?

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lidar won't hurt you.

Edit: Actually, checking a few products on the market. They actually uses lasers that are in wavelengths that do not damage eyes. These are perfectly safe and aren't in the visible spectrum.
I use to get street race inspections on my old truck before I sold it and it was stock. 96 GMC Sonoma SLS with the wide tires and V6 engine. I don't really understand why, maybe the cops were bored in knoxville back when I had it. I never really could figure it out.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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