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police laser

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A couple of friends told me a disturbing story about police using laser.
while they were riding, both experienced a blinding sting. afterwards, they both remembered passing a parked police cruising in a parking lot during the incident. They both concluded that the cop was aiming his laser at their helmets to check their speed.

Can anyone verify if this is the case? I remember reading that police laser requires a flat white surface to work. on cars, they target license plates. But what part of the bike do they target?

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Gas Man said:
That's a bit of :reading: but I wouldn't think it would cause any phycical heath problems....

As far as the flat surface... I believe they want that so that you can't agrue in-accuracy due to a refraction.
as far as I understand... the flat surface is important for lazer... much more so than normal radar... it's much more of a focused beam... so it reflects in a narrow "pencil" beam... so inorder to get a reading they need something as close to flat as possible... otherwise they won't get a reading at all...
Gas Man said:
I have heard the same as well. Next time I see my uncle (Sgt of a police dept) I'll ask him.
Next time I get pulled over I'll ask...(monthly) :lol: kidding....more like weekly:whistle:
Gas Man said:
You laugh... I use to get pulled over at least weekly...when I owned a certain car... it grabbed way too much attn.
well I laugh now cause I sold my truck... my old truck used to get me pulled over anytime I was out past 9... seriously... they just couldn't believe that it was street legal... Hight, Tires, lights, exhaust, ect... one thing they could never get me for was speeding... as that damn thing would only do about 55... down hill... with a tail wind... being pulled by a Semi:lol:
SVupON1 said:
best of the best of them all! Saves my @ss all the time! but as far as laser goes...they've gotcha for one while using laser, the cop must be parked when using his laser gun, he needs to hit a flat surface to be most accurate, he can not hit the winsheild or the laser will scatter and give back an inaccurate speed.
where do you have it mounted?
SVupON1 said:
they normally run $299.00, however where Escort bought out BEL which now owns BEL they took my old BEL as a $50 I got it for $249.00 directly from Escort.
cool... I've been looking at them but wasn't sure which one to get... thanks:dthumb:
yeah so do I... I just started LIGHTLY looking a couple days ago...
SVupON1 said:
anything else will false detect.
Here are some links with the reviews. or just google, yahoo msn search "best radar detector: and you will see this one come back all the time.
ROCK ON:dthumb: :cheers:
cool... thanks again...

well I'd better call it a night... got a long day of :whore: 'ing tomorrow... :lol:
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