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police laser

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A couple of friends told me a disturbing story about police using laser.
while they were riding, both experienced a blinding sting. afterwards, they both remembered passing a parked police cruising in a parking lot during the incident. They both concluded that the cop was aiming his laser at their helmets to check their speed.

Can anyone verify if this is the case? I remember reading that police laser requires a flat white surface to work. on cars, they target license plates. But what part of the bike do they target?

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That's a bit of :reading: but I wouldn't think it would cause any phycical heath problems....

As far as the flat surface... I believe they want that so that you can't agrue in-accuracy due to a refraction.
I have heard the same as well. Next time I see my uncle (Sgt of a police dept) I'll ask him.
ebbs15 said:
Next time I get pulled over I'll ask...(monthly) :lol: kidding....more like weekly:whistle:
You laugh... I use to get pulled over at least weekly...when I owned a certain car... it grabbed way too much attn.
It was back in the day when ghetto style was in... tuner crap was just starting...

a 1988 Cougar with dual exhaust, headlight & taillight covers, yellow driving lights, about 2000 watt stereo system, limo tinted windows all the way around (illegal in MI)...ect...

90% of the time it was the windows and lookin suspecious!!
Either way... I got pulled over!!
1 - 5 of 29 Posts
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