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Popped my cherrie

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Popped the proverbial cherrie yesterday.. First time on a trackday. Been on the track a few times before, with Cal Superbike School, but this was the first time 'unchapperoned', with bikes flying past me left right and centre, depending on where my bike had decided to take me at the time.
Talk about a rush.. Recommend it to anyone out there - give it a try. No need to worry about looney car drivers out there, only concentrate on the track, taking the corners better each time 'round, and just have a blast.. Cant wait for the next one (if the missus lets me, that is...)
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Not quite in the league of racing yet.. That will take a few years. But the feeling, yeah, pretty close.. Gimme this over sex any day - this lasts quite a bit longer (never been able to manage 6 times 20 minutes on one day).. However, cant do this as frequent - trackdays are only a few times a year, whereas.. Never mind, wont go into that....
:drool: Cant wait for the next one to come up.. (Track day, that is, you dirty minded persons)
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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