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post pics of your motorcycle...

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mines in my sig.
SperosSV650 said:
:lol: ok ok..

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jeeps84 said:
See what thread? :scratch:
jeeps84 said:
Ok. I thought you were talking about a wheel chock.
Don't worry. That chopper will be here soon. :dthumb:
:iagree: and my R1 will be here soon :drool: I'm starting to get anxious already..I wanted to go take a look at it this weekend...but my dad is comming up to my grandmothers for hunting looks like I am going up there to visit this maybe next weekend I can go look at my R1.
jeeps84 said:
Did you actually buy it? :scratch:
no not yet...but mark told me he wasn't advertising it...and it will always be there for when I'm ready to buy. I just want to look at it first.

I really wanted to wait until next year and for me to sell this SV frame first...but I think I will just buy the bike, then when I sell the SV frame I will just take all that money and apply it right to the loan.

I am still waiting on that lien release for the SV frame tho.
Gas Man said:
or apply that frame money to some mods!

But seriously...put some good faith money down on that thing!!
thats what the frame $ is for. The only thing the R1 doesn't have is an aftermarket exhaust and a power commander.

He said he's already got the undertail on it, and new tires..he said the other tires dry rotted after sitting for 2 years.
Here is the photo of the bike I am buying. This is the only time the R1 was on the track. I will be buying this bike VERY soon :drool:
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1 - 7 of 23 Posts
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