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UPDATE 5 March 2008 - Effective immediately a new policy is in place

In order to eliminate the potential for conflict, it is the policy of TWF to disallow the linking to other sportbike or motorcycle related forums not already linked at the bottom of the page. Linking to a site that contains a forum or direct linking to the other forum will result in signature removal or editing by forum staff.

While it's admirable to share your positive experiences of another forum, doing so on a competing forum is generally considered in bad taste.

Blatant advertising of other motorcycle forums deemed, by moderators, as competing forums is not allowed.

There are generally accepted methods to promote forums tastefully; luring members from TWF by advertising new or existing forums is not viewed as one of them.

Please note: This policy does not prohibit you from mentioning or even linking to another forum. However if a history of doing so exists, or the motives are in question, you may be violation of this guideline.
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Not open for further replies.